Our Five Values

Passion, Innovation, Courage, Goal-Orientation and Responsibility

Our five values at ProSiebenSat.1 form a common basis for us. They are intended to provide guidance for decisions and our actions, can connect us across segment boundaries, and are already reflected in numerous facets of our work.


We love what we do
We are passionate about the topics we tackle and proud of what we create. Passion is our constant companion. It motivates us to resolutely reach our goals, forge ahead with determination and always give of our best. The bigger the challenge, the greater our will to succeed. “No can do” is not part of our vocabulary!


We believe in Ideas
Creativity is an integral part of our DNA. It is the driving force with which we engage people, shape brands and move markets. We love spawning ideas for tomorrow – ideas that can inspire evolution, trigger innovation, bring about revolution. Innovative thinking is vital in every sphere of our company.


Courage and curiosity are what drive us
We see change as an opportunity. We question the status quo whenever and wherever it makes sense. We learn from our mistakes. We boldly stand up for what we believe in – irrespective of titles or hierarchies. We trust in our own capabilities and those of our colleagues. We defend our opinions, treat those who have other views with respect, and act constructively.


We think and act as entrepreneur
Each of us devotes their skills to the success of the company. We take responsibility from beginning to end in all matters great and small. We share an awareness and understanding of our goals and know which to prioritize. We always strive for the best solution. Yet we are prepared to compare goals and priorities, adapt these to current events and make adjustments if necessary.


We take a stance
We take our social responsibility as a media company seriously and consciously champion relevant issues. We set out to create public awareness and stimulate debate – in our own unique way. Sustainable thinking is the key to the future. And that includes our own. That’s why we act sustainably – both inwardly and outwardly. “We” is more important to us than “I”.