Vision and Strategy

We empower brands and create moments that matter

ProSiebenSat.1 is an innovative digital group and the home of popular entertainment and digital consumer brands. Our Group’s strategic focus is on a diversified Group portfolio comprising three strong segments that complement each other: Entertainment, Dating & Video, and Commerce & Ventures

Our aim is to grow profitably in all three segments. Our ambition is to increase our Group revenues by an average of 4 to 5% per year in the medium- to long-term. At the same time, we are keeping a close eye on the profitability of our investments and aim to generate a P7S1 ROCE (return on capital employed) of more than 15% in the medium-term. To this end, we also make consistent use of the synergies between our three business areas, which has a positive impact on the Group’s revenue and earnings performance. Our reach and media power are the basis for this. However, we are not only focusing on the synergies between the Entertainment and Dating & Video or Entertainment and Commerce & Ventures segments but are also successfully working to ensure that the Group as a whole grows together and that all three segments interlock.

Empowering brands and creating moments that matter – this is the core of our Group and what drives us every day. We inform, we entertain, and we bring people together around the clock. We offer them products, services, and experiences that enrich their everyday lives. We thus reach millions of people day to day.

We broadcast entertainment and information on all platforms – live and on demand. We thus make an important contribution to the formation and diversity of opinion. We use the wide reach of our entertainment offerings to make brands well known and create environments in which they can grow sustainably. This benefits not only our advertising customers’ brands, but also our own consumer brands in the Dating & Video and Commerce & Ventures segments. Here, we invest in digital brands and business models as well as international platforms with long-term growth prospects and high synergy potential with our Entertainment segment.


Our Segments & Synergies