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Discover ProSiebenSat.1

Discover ProSiebenSat.1

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“We want to actively partner with the operating business"
Acquisitions worth millions, licensing deals with Hollywood studios, and the fastest way to get US visas for a whole group of GNTM contestants plus the camera team – all this falls under the ProSiebenSat.1 Legal department’s purview. And they said being a lawyer was boring. In our Insights interview, we discussed awards, recipes for success, and teamwork with Alexander von Voß, Chief Legal Officer at ProSiebenSat.1. read more
“The real secret is just a great creative team and really passionate producers”
Nolan Gallagher is the Founder and CEO of Gravitas Ventures. Part of Red Arrow Studios since November 2017, the major distributor of independent feature films and documentaries has released more than 3,000 films on Video on Demand (VOD) in 12 years. Nolan explains to us what he is looking for at film festivals and which plans he has in order to develop Gravitas into a consumer focused company. read more
„Gestalte deine #FemaleFuture selbst.“
Mut machen und Frauen auf ihrem ganz persönlichen Weg unterstützen – mit seiner neuen Kampagne will der Frauensender sixx genau das erreichen. Unter dem Motto „Nimm deine #FemaleFuture selbst in die Hand“ möchte die Aktion Frauen ermutigen, ihre eigenen Ziele zu verfolgen und sich dabei nicht beirren zu lassen. sixx hat sich dafür mit sechs Powerfrauen von ProSiebenSat.1 getroffen und sie nach ihren ganz persönlichen Karriere-Tipps gefragt. read more
“Our Shows are like eating candy: once you watch one, you want more!”
Abby Greensfelder is Co-Founder, Co-CEO and Executive Producer at Half Yard Productions. The company has been part of Red Arrow Studios since 2014. Abby and her business partner Sean Gallagher launched Half Yard Productions in 2006, producing hit series for 17 different US networks, from critically acclaimed series The Last Alaskans (Discovery) to TLC’s long-running series Say Yes to the Dress. Abby talked to us about Half Yard’s new crime unit, the secret behind successful franchises and the advantages of being part of a powerful production network. read more
“We as a group can learn from the ideas of new businesses, too.”
Growth is our Business – getreu dieses Mottos fördert SevenVentures ausgewählte Start-Up-Unternehmen durch gezielte Investments. Mit den Beteiligungsmodellen „Media-for-Equity“ und „Media-for-Revenue-Share“ unterstützt das 2011 gegründete Tochterunternehmen der ProSiebenSat.1-Gruppe innovative Ideen mit Werbeplätzen auf den Free-TV-Sendern sowie den digitalen Plattformen der Gruppe. Damit nutzt SevenVentures die Media-Power von ProSiebenSat.1, um die Markenbekanntheit der Partnerunternehmen zu steigern und eine emotionale Bindung zu neuen Produkten und Services aufzubauen. read more
»#FFS epitomizes all of the SAT.1 station’s many facets – on TV and online.«
Bright and cheery first thing in the morning? For everyone who likes to start the day with the SAT.1 “Frühstücksfernsehen” (Breakfast TV) morning show, the answer is, no problem! With a market share of up to 20.5 percent among 14 to 49 year-olds, the four-and-a-half-hour live broadcast is Germany’s most successful morning show airing from Monday to Friday. read more
»Working for Café Puls is a great personal development for me.«
With the hit show "Café Puls", PULS 4 has been broadcasting Austria's first breakfast TV show for over twelve years – in the current year, the program reaches around 540,000 viewers a week. The new spin-off show “Café Puls – Das Magazin” has been expanding the popular PULS 4 brand since March 2018 and accompanies viewers after work. read more
An All-Around Dazzling Performance
“Germany’s next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum” captivates audiences like virtually no other TV show. And its appeal has long since gone well beyond traditional TV. Over the past 13 years, the casting show has evolved into an unparalleled multimedia brand on all platforms. It epitomizes transmedia integration like no other program in the German TV landscape, exploiting all digital possibilities and offering a glimpse into the future of the entertainment business. read more
»jerks. was the first German video-on-demand series in Germany – we are proud of this!«
One series, two broadcasting platforms, and enormous success. With the in-house production “jerks.,” the teams from maxdome and ProSieben have landed a big hit. The buddy series starring Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim was broadcast via video-on-demand (VoD) and on free TV on ProSieben and was excellently marketed, with a closely coordinated PR, marketing and broadcasting plan optimizing its potential on both platforms. read more
The Emotional Punch of Real Experiences
When it brought mydays and Jochen Schweizer together, ProSiebenSat.1 married the two leading experience providers in the German-speaking world. The two brands now operate on an equal footing and in a complementary way under the umbrella of Jochen Schweizer mydays Holding GmbH. read more
The online consumer portal Verivox has experienced significant growth since its acquisition by ProSiebenSat.1 in 2015. Instrumental in this strong performance: a seasoned management team that has successfully harnessed Group synergies to drive the business development. read more
Live Commercial
“Circus HalliGalli” hosts Joko and Klaas staged the first-ever live commercials on German free TV. This alternative to the traditional commercial break proved a hit with viewers and customers alike. The close cooperation between the station and advertisers generates added value for all sides. read more
Kiss Bang Love
“Kiss Bang Love” hit the scene in 2016 as one of the most successful new programs on ProSieben. A strong German-Danish team turned the show by Red Arrow subsidiary Snowman Productions into a hit and demonstrated successful teamwork at every link of a TV concept’s value chain. read more
Hamburg 5 °C, München 18 °C
Desert heat, drizzling rain, or snowstorm – whatever the weather, companies can now advertise products on TV to match the weather situation. SevenOne Media makes this happen with its new targeting option and thus unlocks additional ad revenue potential in partnership with read more
»The daycare center Telezwerge is a great help to us.«
How do Kristin and Walter Bierlmaier manage to juggle three kids and two jobs? Mutual support, flexible working hours, home office days, and a daycare center located directly on the ProSiebenSat.1 campus. read more
»The decision makes the difference«
The “Junge Helden,” or “Young Heroes”, raise awareness for organ donation — supported by a raft of celebrity helpers. “The decision makes the difference” is the motto the nonprofit uses to motivate people in the prime of life to think about death. read more
»We believe in the future of commercial tv.«
Katja Hofem knows her way around founding new TV channels. She is the broadcasting group’s top executive in charge of creating and expanding free TV services. Over the past five years, ProSiebenSat.1 has seen the successful launch of three new channels: sixx, SAT.1 Gold, and ProSieben MAXX. Number four is on its way in 2016. read more
»In 2015, we worked with the mini brand to open up a whole new phase of tv advertising.«
Building large reach in a short time — that’s the strength of TV advertising. But it can be done even more effectively. As television and the Internet grow together, innovative forms of advertising become possible. New technologies make it feasible to aim advertising messages at specific target audiences and geographical locations. In 2015, ProSiebenSat.1 was the first German TV broadcaster to launch addressable TV. The Company is now getting ready for the next stage in TV advertising: virtual reality. read more
»TV has benefited more than any other medium from digitalization.«
The fragmentation of media use and a tougher battle for shares in the audience market and for advertising revenues – these are the challenges that television will face in the coming years. Thomas Wagner and Wolfgang Link explain why TV still remains the strong basis on which all other communication activities are based. read more
»When children do sports, they speak one language.«
“UKIMWI” is spelled out in capital letters on the ground of the dusty sports field in Bukoba, Tanzania. Ukimwi is Swahili, and it means AIDS. The children from the elementary school put the word together using lots of little wooden sticks. Two teams competed against each other in the style of a relay race. The team that finished the word first was the winner. Now it is there for all to see. It makes it easier to talk about how the virus spreads or how to take precautions against infection. read more
Parental Leave: What Being a Dad and PR Have in Common
Parental leave is a great opportunity to experience the intense early days with your own baby and to develop a strong bond, says Frank Wolkenhauer, Senior Editor Communications/PR Entertainment at ProSiebenSat.1 and father. He has already taken parental leave for the second time and determined that the differences between work and being a dad are actually not that great: remaining calm, organizational talent, good time management, and the ability to adapt. That was exactly what was required when for two months he did the housework and took care of his two children full time. read more
»Doing good with a sense of humor and creativity, that’s RED NOSE DAY.«
For over ten years, ProSiebenSat.1 has been using the proceeds from RED NOSE DAY to support social institutions such as Die Arche (The Ark), an organization for children and teens. In 2015, donations helped finance a new center in Berlin’s Treptow neighborhood. To the young people it serves, the center is like a second home. read more