15 minutes of awareness

15 minutes of prime time for topics that move the world.

July 2021. When Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf win their show "Joko & Klaas vs. ProSieben" against the most famous ProSieben station faces, they not only take home the victory, but also a voucher for 15 minutes of prime time broadcasting time. They are available to them to spend as they wish – and the presenter duo often devotes them to topics that move the world.

With our TV and digital offerings, we can reach millions of viewers and users across all platforms every day. This goes closely along with a responsibility that decisively defines our self-image as a media company. We want to integrate relevant social content into our programming and have made public value a central component of our sustainability strategy. One example of this are the 15 minutes of "Joko & Klaas Live”.

Taking responsibility and giving relevant topics the attention, they deserve – that's what ProSiebenSat.1 stands for.

That's why ProSiebenSat.1's "Joko & Klaas Live" offers the presenter duo Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf a place for socially relevant topics on the pulse of the times. With "A Short Story of Moria," "Männerwelten" (Men’s Worlds) and "#Nichtselbstverständlich" (#Notselfevident), we have thus created unique TV moments together.

A Short Story of Moria

“The pictures that we are about to show are on the edge of the bearable – but it is the presence of the people who have to live there," is how Klaas Heufer-Umlauf opens the 15 minutes of airtime that focus on the conditions in the Greek camp Moria on Lesbos. When a fire almost completely devastates the camp in September 2020, Joko and Klaas give the floor to 21-year-old asylum seeker Milas Ebrahimi: In "A Short Story of Moria," he reports on the undignified living conditions in the camp on Lesbos and describes the adverse conditions under which he came to Europe from Afghanistan. The images, which relentlessly document the conditions around the camp, were seen by around 1.43 million viewers in the core target group at the day's prime time. In addition, the video reached over 31 million online views by the end of 2020. Green Party politician Katrin Göring-Eckhardt cited the format in a Bundestag debate shortly after its release to criticize conditions in the camp.


In their short film "Männerwelten" (Men's Worlds), Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf draw attention to sexism and sexualized violence against women – still a social taboo – in "Joko & Klaas Live". Journalist Sophie Passmann guides through an exhibition whose exhibits exemplify women's experiences of violence: Unsolicited Dick Picks show the form of digital violence as well as sexist comments in social media. While the oppressive atmosphere increases as the video progresses, the tour led by Passmann culminates in a room displaying items of clothing worn by women during a rape experience. Here, everyday clothing such as pajamas, jeans and t-shirts dominate – because sexual violence affects victims regardless of their outfit. The relentless honesty has a lasting effect: Even days after the broadcast, the hashtag #Männerwelten is the dominant topic on social media, and the clip is the second most-clicked YouTube video of 2020. For "Männerwelten," the format's authors and host Sophie Passmann received the Grimme Award in the "Entertainment" category. In addition, Joko Winterscheidt, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Sophie Passmann as well as parts of the production team were awarded the special prize of the Nannen Award 2021 for the contributions "A Short Story of Moria" and "Männerwelten”.


Seven hours of attention in prime-time without commercial breaks – that's unique in the German TV history. Because at ProSiebenSat.1, we make space and time for relevance out of conviction. Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf explain in their 15 minutes of airtime in April 2021 entitled "#NichtSelbstverständlich" (#Notselfevident): "Many topics in life only get the importance they deserve when you get the opportunity to put yourself in a life that is not necessarily your own." In Joko and Klaas' historically unique statement, the viewers accompany nurse Meike during her entire shift at the bone marrow transplant center at Münster University Hospital. She films her daily work routine with a body cam, and colleagues from all over Germany also talk about their daily work routine in a split screen. All the stories have a lack of appreciation and one the question in common: How can we make care more humane – for the sick and elderly, but also for the nurses? The social relevance of the topic is also shown by the reactions to the edition of "Joko & Klaas Live": Not only numerous other media, including competitors such as RTL Deutschland, but also well-known politicians such as chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz responded to the format on Twitter. Health Minister Jens Spahn commented on the video at a press conference.