Christopher Street Day 2022: We are there!

Bastian Stern, Philipp Wagner

July 2022. ProSiebenSat.1 is participating for the first time in Christopher Street Day (CSD) on July 16, 2022, in Munich. This was all planned and implemented by our PROUD@ProSiebenSat.1 employee network. In this interview, we talk to Bastian Stern, Head of Multichannel Promotion, and Philipp Wagner, Senior Event Manager. Both are part of the PROUD core team and reveal exciting insights into the preparation and planning.
Dear Bastian and Philipp: How long have you been part of the network?

Bastian: I'm a co-founder and have been involved since day one. It was clear to me from the very beginning, that we needed an employee network for this important topic in our open and modern company. That's how PROUD was founded in 2019, and we also received a lot of support from our company.

Philipp: I became aware of the network after an intranet posting and have been a member since April 2021. For me as an event manager, it was of course immediately clear that I would like to actively support our network in the organization of the CSD.

Bastian, as a producer you are used to interdisciplinary teams - does that benefit you in the planning?

Bastian: Definitely! In my day-to-day work, different threads come together. I'm in many briefing and consultation meetings with the most diverse teams. From the camera department, the editor-in-chief to the social media team, marketing or the editorial department - everyone has to be informed so that everyone has the content they need. It's the same with the CSD.

Philipp, you bring a lot of experience as an event manager - what distinguishes the planning of the CSD from other events?

Philipp: The organization was unique in many ways. Usually, we work with predefined budgets for our events. That was different with the CSD. Here we got great support from various departments within the Group. In addition, a diversity agency also helped us with the planning and looks after the float and advises us on all matters. In terms of content, there were always surprises. As this is the first time the event has taken place in this form, we had to deal with new topics such as axle loads, tractor units and vehicle sizes. Even though the event business is definitely multifaceted, these were still new topics even after so many years at ProSiebenSat.1. 😊 

What is so special about our Proud@P7S1 float?

Bastian: I am very happy that we have two great reporters on our wagon, Kira Alin and Benjamin Bieneck. To put them in the spotlight, we have the support of TV camera and social media teams on the wagon. Another special thing about our float is that we had a great designer on board, Sven Häusler, who supported us from the initial idea to the final logo and float design. That was a real challenge, which he mastered superbly. 

Philipp: We have a great atmosphere! DJ Moussa, a well-known DJ from Barcelona, makes sure of that. And of course us: our PROUD community on and around the float. Our wagon is, so to speak, a moving ProSiebenSat.1 stage. Of course, there will also be well-known faces.

How is our participation in the CSD received outside the network?

Bastian: We are totally overwhelmed by the positive response! We experience an incredible willingness to help from our colleagues. Many of them volunteer their private time to support us. 

Philipp: I can only emphasize that! Everyone is interested and happy that we are here this year - you can feel a common spirit. We are also proud to be there this year with our own car!

Thank you Philipp, thank you Bastian, representing the PROUD core team!