»Beyond Bilanz«

Digital, diversified, dynamic: The fascinating world of ProSiebenSat.1 now as a podcast!

August 2022. Digital, diversified, dynamic: The fascinating world of ProSiebenSat.1 now as a podcast! Together with host Steven Gätjen, Executive Board members Rainer Beaujean, Ralf Gierig, Wolfgang Link and Christine Scheffler give exclusive insights into the business of the digital group, which combines leading entertainment brands with a strong Dating & Video and Commerce & Ventures portfolio under one roof. They look at "the numbers" - but above all at what lies beyond: The top management talks about successes, change, challenges - both strategically and personally.

The podcast is available in German only on all audio platforms, includingSpotify,Apple Podcasts and Deezer.

Episode 4 (HY 2022)

There can only be one - right? In the latest episode of "Beyond Bilanz," Group CEO Rainer Beaujean and Member of the Executive Board Wolfgang Link reveal which legend podcast host Steven Gätjen will have to compete with from now on. Looking back at the most important events in the first half of 2022, they explain why our diversified set-up is paying off right now, how we are further expanding our production activities in the German-speaking region, and why reach, monetization and value creation remain the basis of our business model. Plus a sense of optimism as we build up our own newsroom and feelings of happiness about the first summer party in two years. What diversity of opinion, competitors and "fellow tippers" have to do with it - and how to indulge in the sweet life (or: ice cream confectionery) on the campus in Unterföhring on hot summer days. Listen now

Episode 3 (FY 2021)

Of cloverleaves and cake arts: In the interview with host Steven Gätjen, Rainer Beaujean, Wolfgang Link, Christine Scheffler and the new Group CFO Ralf Gierig talk about their collaboration as a foursome and look back on the milestones of the past financial year. Why our broad positioning as a digital group is paying off, how our different business models complement each other – and what online dating and livestreaming video, among other things, have to do with it. Plus: How we use reach responsibly and why posture is more important than ever in these times. Listen now!

Episode 2 (HY 2021)

Halftime! And not just in the sports summer, but also in the financial year: Rainer Beaujean, Christine Scheffler and Wolfgang Link talk to Steven Gätjen about the good development in the first half of the year, about remote routines and why we first have to define the much-discussed "New Ways of Working" together. Also: How we are positioning ourselves as a strong growth partner for growth-stage companies and at the same time the best infotainment supplier for the upcoming federal election – and why the ProSiebenSat.1 portfolio from ABOUT YOU to Zervakis & Opdenhövel has at least as much breadth as the mountain landscapes beloved by the Executive Board: Listen now

Episode 1 (FY 2020)

The annual report is published and the Executive Board of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE looks back on 2020: In conversation with host Steven Gätjen, Rainer Beaujean, Christine Scheffler and Wolfgang Link talk about the challenges they faced in this extraordinary year and discuss the strategic direction of one of Europe's most diversified media companies: How ProSiebenSat.1 wants to leverage synergies between the Entertainment, Dating and Commerce & Ventures businesses even more – and what the jump into cold water, speedboats and superpowers have to do with it, the management trio explains in the podcast. Listen now!