For us, diversity means recognizing and valuing differences and individuality. Our goal is to create a working environment that is free of prejudice and shows all employees the same high level of appreciation – regardless of their age, disability, ethnic background and nationality, sex and gender identity, religion and ideology, or sexual orientation and identity.

Social and economic trends are changing our working world. Demographic development, globalization, changing values, falling employment figures, a growing proportion of women in the working population, and more people from migrant backgrounds are the conditions under which businesses are operating today. We are convinced that diversity management will help us react to these trends. We appreciate the diversity of the workforce and want to be an attractive employer for skilled workers and young talents. The aim is to align the processes and structures of organizations such that all employees feel appreciated and motivated to live up to their potential. For example, the company not only publishes a regular interview series on the topic of "Queer in the Job" on its careers page, but also sends out clear signals to the outside world for a diverse society, as shown by the 2019 TV format "Queen of Drags".    

Only if all employees can freely develop their talents and feel motivated to live up to their potential will this give rise to a wide variety of ideas and thus sustainable success. Against this backdrop, ProSiebenSat.1 Group signed the Diversity Charter in 2014 and follows the guidelines specified in it. Our internal guidelines also stipulate that employees at all hierarchy levels should be hired exclusively according to objective criteria and promoted solely on the basis of their abilities. We aim to promote diversity within our workforce and champion equal rights and equal opportunities in accordance with the guiding principle for the action area of diversity.

Diversity is aided in particular by the best possible balance ratio of men and women in the workforce and in management positions. In 2020, 49.2% (previous year: 49.4%) of employees in the Group were female. The proportion of female managers increased from 34.8% to 35.4% in the reporting period. When filling management positions in the Group, know-how and personal aptitude should be equally important for men and women. In addition, we have integrated “gender equality” into ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s sustainability strategy as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that is particularly relevant to us. The internal and external communication of this goal sends a clear signal both to potential managers and to decision-makers at all management levels in the selection process.