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We are aware of the corporate and social responsibility that we bear and see it as an integrated challenge. After all, success for ProSiebenSat.1 Group is not just a matter of enhancing the Group’s economic performance in the long term.

To us, it also means systematically developing and improving the Group’s sustainability performance and non-financial performance indicators, and aligning the interests of our target groups – particularly our employees, shareholders, viewers, users and business customers. In this context, the Group defines sustainable business conduct as an integrated approach for ensuring our Group’s economic, environmental and social performance.

Dimensions of Sustainability

Non-financial aspects, sustainability performance indicators and ESG information (Environment, Social, Governance) are the responsibility of the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Group General Counsel. Corporate Communications, Group Compliance and Governmental Relations & Public Affairs function as a Steering Committee at ProSiebenSat.1. This Steering Committee works together with other central Group divisions and departments to develop sustainability activities and is responsible for reporting and external communications. Click here for more information about the company.

Since 2011, the Group has also placed its public value activities in a larger social context and has underscored their relevance for the Group by establishing an Advisory Board. The interdisciplinary body chaired by Bavaria’s former minister president Dr. Edmund Stoiber advises ProSiebenSat.1 Group on relevant social, ethical and media policy issues, and provides impetus on important topics such as education and culture. In 2018, the Advisory Board met two times. Members of the Executive Board and other decision-makers in the Group participated in these sessions.

Additional steps were also taken in 2018 to expand the sustainability organization and optimize the corporate governance structures within the scope of developing a Group sustainability strategy. This led to the installation of a Sustainability Board, which held its constituent meeting in May 2019. It represents a centralized and interdisciplinary body for the discussion, coordination, implementation, monitoring and development of the Group’s sustainability strategy. Its members include the Deputy CEO and Steering Committee representatives from the relevant central functions, the company’s operating divisions and the European Employee Board (EEB). The Sustainability Board is a centralized contact point for all sustainability projects and initiatives throughout the Group and for all suggestions and ideas from employees and managers. Its responsibilities also include setting priorities for and selecting projects and initiatives and allocating funds appropriately to the strategic sustainability goals set out by the Executive Board.

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