PROSIEBENSAT.1 PARTICIPATES IN the Sustainability Pact Media Bavaria

As a founding member of the “Nachhaltigkeitspakt Medien Bayern” (Sustainability Pact Media Bavaria), which was presented to the public at the "Medientage München" (Munich Media Days) in October 2022, we want to provide an impetus for the responsible design of a more sustainable media industry. Coordinated by the Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien (Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting)), together with other founding members such as Vodafone, Amazon Prime Video, Bayerischer Rundfunk, egoFM, academics and the Bavarian Journalists' Association, we have developed an approach that, in addition to the three pillars of economy, ecology and social issues, also defines journalistic responsibility as an essential component of sustainability in media companies for the first time. Based on these four pillars, guidelines and questionnaires are intended to offer small and medium-sized media companies in particular the opportunity to develop a sustainability strategy and anchor sustainability and public value in the company with a reasonable amount of time and personnel. 

Further information on the Nachhaltigkeitspakt Medien Bayern can be found here

As a founding member, ProSiebenSat.1 Group has committed itself to answering and publishing the main questions of the Sustainability Pact. You can find this here